Rebel Music Native America

Documentary, 2014, 22min MTV World's documentary series about music and youth resistance around the world. Young people have had enough.  They refuse to accept current social and political barriers, and are raising their voices to demand change for a better future.  Their common expression is music. The anthems of protest rise up in underground punk-rock shows in Yangon. Revolutionary hip-hop in the barrios of Caracas. Drumbeats in Istanbul street protests. The pulse of electronic dance music across Native American communities in North America.  The noise is amplifying as youth connect with each other, onstage and online, and find their collective strength to ignite change for the future on a surge of sound and ideas. Rebel Music is their story.


Writer/Director: Valerie Bischoff
Co-Directors: Billy Luther, Andrew Ross Row, Eric Becker
Executive Producers: Shepard Fairey, Nusrat Durrani
Client: MTV
Cast: Frank Waln, Inez Jasper, Nataanii Means, Mike Cliff